1. Anonymous asked: Megan Raymond is the same age as Mason, because she mentioned in one of their interviews that they both met when they were 19



  2. Anonymous asked: What's the deal with Nathan Mackinnon? Is he single or what? His fb says in a relationship

    I think he has a gf


  3. Anonymous asked: Does anyone know where the away teams stay when they play the Anaheim Ducks and where they eat or hangout around? Im going to my first game on friday and they play the Stars and I'm really hoping I see some of the players out because I live in the area! Thanks xo!

    Anyone know?


  4. Anonymous asked: I doubt Chaunette will ever return to school.


  5. Jake Gardiner & Lucy Cashin 

  6. Brian & Michelle McGrattan 


  7. Anonymous asked: To the anon asking, Chaunette didn't finish college. Currently not in college in Chicago either.

    Oh okay did she take a year off?


  8. hockeyand asked: Ali Nugent posted pictures from the Stars game tonight. I have the screenshots if you want me to send them in

    I haven’t seen them yet, I’ll look now! Thanks for the tip :)


  9. Anonymous asked: Where did Alex Pietrangelo & Jayne Cox meet?

    St Louis I think


  10. tylertuukka asked: The third picture of Theo is my favorite where he doesn't have a pacifier. Have you see the latest video Elina has posted on her Instagram? Is she speaking Swedish?

    Yeah she is