1. Evgeni Malkin & Anna Kasterova


  2. Anonymous said: are all these infidelity questions coming from the same person?? some seems pretty obsessed with whether or not nhl cheat and how much they cheat and if their wives know they cheat, and if their wives care if they cheat and on and on and on....

    I think it’s like 2 anons but I think they’re mostly from one person


  3. Anonymous said: Of all the couples that got married this summer, who do you think will be the first to have a baby (who obviously don't already)?

    I don’t really expect any of them to have a baby first


  4. Anonymous said: Do you think its going to be like nhl revealed where we can watch it online? Or will we have to wAtch it on tv? Also do you know if there will be an nhl revealed this year? Thanks

    It will probably be put online at some point… and they said NHL revealed was a one time thing. but maybe they’ll do something this January cause were finally having an all-star game again


  5. Anonymous said: The show is going to be like 8 episodes, airing in January. It's just a docu-series, nothing like a reality show like Basketball Wives. Almost all of the WAGs on the show have a tie to California (either playing there or from there/live there in offseason)

    Where did you hear that?
    and I think everyone knows it’s not going to be anything like any other wag show lol


  6. Anonymous said: Are there any NHL players that are loyal to their wives?

    Yeah…. How would I know though? Lol like no one knows for sure who cheats unless we see info on it..
    did you read the other messages?


  7. Anonymous said: are there any players that youre pretty sure cheated on their wag?

    Martin Brodeur. and everyone’s pretty sure Corey Crawford cheated on Sylvie


  8. Anonymous said: Anything new with greiss?

    He’s still with his girlfriend, if that’s what you mean

  9. Mike & Courtney Green


  10. Anonymous said: Yeah I hope it's an actual series like 24/7. A show that follows hockey players and their SO's couldn't be boring for me! Haha. Btw, are you talking about Martine Forget? Why do you think she'll be on it?

    I think it will be more like NHL revealed but it might be like 24/7. It depends how many viewers they get. It won’t be boring to hockey fans but it’s probably going to be to everyone else. And some pics were posted of Martine before with cameras and NHL wags tagged