1. Anonymous said: So are Ovi and karina or whatever the retired gymnast actually dating? Or is it just a rumor?

    it’s rumoured 


  2. Anonymous said: Like when you said Noureen and her ex husband had some kind of forced marriage? You said this a long time ago like you when you first started this blog. First of all, that's not true at all. Second, sounds like you meant to say they had an arranged marriage like a lot of Indians do? I'm Indian myself, so I was pretty offended you would say something like that. Would you have said the same about a non Indian wag that had a previous marriage? Don't think so.

    LOL cause it’s something someone told me I didn’t just make it up…. and I never even said it was forced first of all.. secondly i never said it was on her family’s part.. and why would I assume her family did anyway? lmao your logic doesn’t even make sense especially considering the other things I’ve said about Noureen. 


  3. Anonymous said: This isn't a question... But I just wanted to say that I love your tumblr and I am sorry some people are rude to you. If they don't like your blog then they shouldn't follow or comment on it, you have a right to state your opinion since its your blog. Just saying, keep up posting pics!

    thanks :) 


  4. sweet-bliss190 said: Anon saying racist things about Noureen? Well this is awks. If you look through my archive, you'll see that I've posted some things about Ryan and Noureen, and I actually love them together. So no I'm not that anon. You've said things about Noureen in the past that were not true, and I've tried defending her so you could stop spreading lies. But you kept shutting me down. THAT'S who I am.

    What lies have I said about Noureen? and yeah there was an anon saying racist and islamophobic things about Noureen and I thought it could’ve been you


  5. Anonymous said: Still waiting for you to point out when I said no one cares about Noureen...

    still waiting for you to tell me what you’re trying to prove 


  6. sweet-bliss190 said: If you're being bitchy, then I'll come right out and say it. I don't care. I've been following your blog since the beginning and some of the stuff you've said about certain wags have been blatant lies, including things about the wag that's being talked about right now. When I and other people here have tried correcting you politely in the past, you're often rude and you continue making things up about a subject you know so little about.

    oh are you the one on anon who was saying racist stuff about Noureen that I was rude to? 


  7. Anonymous said: Did Joffrey Lupul ever get back together with Kristin Vahl?

    people think they did get back together or are talking 


  8. Anonymous said: Are magazine articles not accesible online? Looks like someone is just looking for excuses. Also, you accuse other people of twisting your words when you just did exactly the same to me. When did I ever say "no one" cares about Noureen? When?

    there’s a difference between full out articles being written about them and her being featured in mini “blurbs” lol which aren’t online. 
    what point are you still trying to make? cause I’m kind of confused as to what you’re trying to prove now..


  9. Anonymous said: Being in magazines from time to time doesn't automatically make you famous, babe. You're basically putting Noureen in the same category as celebs like Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis. Those are the kind of celebs that are constantly on magazine covers, big red carpet events, and entertainment news shows, like ET and E News...

    there’s different levels of fame, “babe” lmao 


  10. sweet-bliss190 said: Do you always get this insecure and bitchy when people don't agree with your opinions? Or is it just most of the time?

    LOL how am I being “insecure and bitchy”? I’m not the one name calling…