1. 33royhappened:

    Ryan Smyth teaching his son to skate on Oil Change.


  2. Anonymous said: You've probably been asked this a thousand times so I apologize for sending this ask but I couldn't find the answer: do you have any proof that Patrick Kane said (at the convention) that his gf was with him when he signed the contact?

    No, I didn’t even look. Does anyone?


  3. shesgotdesignerdreams said: Do you know any hockey wives with blogs?

    At first I thought you said “hockey wives blogs” and I was like ummm this one LOL
    I only know of one that I figure the wag would be okay with giving out and that is Tyler Kennedy’s wife’s blog. It’s under her name Brandi Engel


  4. Anonymous said: Who are your top three favourite leafs? & what NHL team is your favourite? & I love your blog! Keep up the good work :)

    Players? Or wags? the oilers are my favourite team..
    & thanks!!!


  5. Anonymous said: Do you know if John Tavares single or not?

    He’s been with the same girl for the past like 6? years. You can check his tag for pics!

  6. Sheldon & Bennett Brookbank


  7. Anonymous said: Do you know how Danny Deykyser and Melissa met?

    Does anyone know how they met? 


  8. Anonymous said: I'm not trying to offend you or anything but why don't you just ignore the one's who are rude and not even post/answer them? I just think you shouldn't answer to anons who are going to be demanding or rude. :)

    LOL this is me ignoring most rude messages (I don’t get that many to begin with anyway) but the issue with a few anons is that when I don’t post their rude messages they send them multiple times.. It’s really annoying to me too..


  9. Anonymous said: I'm not sure if this was answered before but is Tom Wilson single?

    some people said Tom Wilson was dating Cassidy Wolf, but most people think he’s single 


  10. Anonymous said: Favourite wag from the leafs? P.S love this blog, its a great blog no matter what any anons say

    Martine Forget.. & thanks :)