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  2. Anonymous asked: Did Ales Hemsky and Julie Garcia break up? I read she moved away from Edmonton months ago.

    yeah they did


  3. Anonymous asked: if anyone's wondering, priscilla caripan (matt frattin) was the draft girl for tonight's lottery! just thought I'd let you know :)



  4. Anonymous asked: do you know if chris tanev has a gf? :)

    Yeah he does her name is Kendra


  5. tylertuukka asked: I have a feeling we'll have no problem seeing pictures of little Theo. I'm sure Elina will post pics on a regular basis.

    hahaha same here, but you never know 


  6. tylertuukka asked: OH MY GOODNESS! Theo! I love that name! That baby is going to be adorable!

    same!!!! he’s gonna be so gorgeous as he grows up, I hope she posts a lot of pics like Lauren LOL 

  7. My amazing husband and baby Theo! We love you more than life so beautiful! #myfamily 


  8. jamiealyse19 asked: Thanks for answering! You do an amazing job at all this :)) I was wondering cause I had seen a picture on another hockey blog of her with Milan & Valentina & if you look close enough, it looks like she's hiding a baby bump with the way she has Valentina in front of her....I hope so too! She's super sweet & Valentina is adorable! Thanks again! :))

    Maybe she’s just holding her awkwardly cause she’s moving around right before the picture? But I don’t know lol I hope they have a son next
    & thanks!!!


  9. Anonymous asked: Have any new details come up about Ovechkin's wedding?

    no they’ve us (the members of the wedding party) to keep it a secret.

    LOL I’m kidding there’s like no info about it


  10. Anonymous asked: Does Adam Clendening's girlfriend Katherine still play pro soccer? Talk about athletic kidss lol

    I’m pretty sure she retired and she does broadcasting now for the breakers