1. Anonymous said: would jvr date a fan

    Maybe you should hit on him and see what happens

  2. Stephanie Stepan 

  3. Sam & Rachel Gagner

  4. Derek & Stephanie Stepan 


  5. Anonymous said: If that anon about the devils didn't want you to post the pics then why make such a big deal over it? Ugh, you have the patience of a saint. Major props to you for running this blog and everything you do for it. You do such a great job!

    LOL that’s honestly kind of what I was thinking. They accused me of having personal biases towards Martin Brodeur and “trash talking him” and got mad about not posting more about the Devils and then were like “well don’t post the pictures actually, that’s not what I want”….. like okay 

    & thanks!!!! honestly today my patience was really wearing thin today (you could probably tell haha) and I just couldn’t deal with that anon anymore. like how are you going to complain about something you know nothing about… ugh..


  6. Anonymous said: For the Anon that was asking where the Rangers players live, most of them live in the city. I think on 24/7 a couple of years ago there was something about how most of them preferred practices when they were at MSG instead of at the training facility in Westchester county. The only one who lived outside the city then was Anton Stralman.

    oh okay someone said a few live in CT but most like I said who don’t have families live in the city.. but thanks!! 

  7. Katie Niskanen

  8. Christian & Connor Stewart (Chris Stewart’s Sons)

  9. Ales & Julie Hemsky’s Wedding Rings


  10. Anonymous said: where do most of the rangers players live?

    Probably the ones with families live in the suburbs and the ones who are younger and single live closer to the city