1. Shawz65: Happy birthday to this mean muggin beauty! Love you Hun glad I can spend my life with you!


  2. Anonymous said: Did Brad Richards have his baby yet?

    Not yet, he should be born any day now


  3. Anonymous said: I know It was a while back but what happened to Lyla Oshie when she was born? (What was the problem?)

    She had a condition called gastroschisis


  4. Anonymous said: Do you know anything about Patrick Roy and his personal life?

    He was married and has three kids (one who plays pro hockey).. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken in by police but the judge dismissed the case and cleared him of the charges because “it didn’t meet the standard for criminal mischief in a case of domestic violence” and then a few years later him and his wife got a divorce


  5. Anonymous said: Does Colton Sceviour have a girlfriend?

    He might’ve had one a bit ago but I’m not sure about right now. Does anyone know?


  6. Anonymous said: The little pop-ups are on the app. I had one of my friends block me on it and yes, the bubble pops up saying "blocked" with something along the lines of "you're unable to follow this person". but as an FYI, even having follows from Beau's siblings won't get you accepted or anything like that, it's more of if he thinks you're hot kind of deal, so don't bank on getting a follow just because his siblings/friends follow you.

    this happened on the IG app?
    lol ok I’m pretty sure that ANON just didn’t know he was selective with who they let follow them. just because their account is private doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily say no, sometimes they probably just want more followers.

  7. Evgeni Malkin & Anna Kasterova


  8. Anonymous said: When someone blocks you, it will have a pop-up window (at least on twitter). I believe it's the same for Instagram. You can still see the person's name, but you're unable to follow them. Either the button you press to follow someone will say "blocked" or you'll just have a pop up window.

    Are you talking about on the app or website?


  9. Anonymous said: So awhile back Beau Bennett's youngest brother (Shane) followed me back on Twitter and I followed him on insta. So I went through his followers and requested to follow Beau and now I can't see his name, like did he block me? Why do NHLers do that? I feel like his INSTA should be public since his Twitter is. You know?

    what do you mean you can’t see his name? like when you search it you can’t find it? cause in that case maybe you’re looking up the wrong username. if you can find his instagram and it says “no posts” but it says that there’s like 30 posts then it means that he blocked you. I think a lot of players have private instagrams (or a public and a private instagram) cause to them ig is more personal and they don’t want to share those photos with everyone just friends and family and then Twitter is for more for fans and promoting things


  10. Anonymous said: So is Cristine Prosperi not with Jeff Skinner anymore?

    she’s still with him